Saturday, September 20, 2008

I'm glad that rollercoaster ride is over!

Wew, So I guess I'm not Pregnant. Two blood test later.... Soo I went from scared to excited to scared and hopefull and sad all in like 24 hours. That sucked.
I knew it couldn't be true, the timing is Sooo off right now, we'd need a bigger car. If it was another girl we'd have to paint amariss' room and switch her and the baby to the bigger room. I am sad though cause I've always wanted a cancer baby:( However... there is still time ;)

I treated my new friend Amy to a pedi last night. We have been working our butts off at the gym every night and then with my day yesterday, I felt we needed some pampering! I was sad that Kate couldn't join us though!

Today we're headed to the pumpkin patch. I'm excited for that!! I've been told its amazing so we shall go and have some much needed fun! Okay I must go I'm running So far behind yikes!!

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