Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Today my life has changed.

I'm on the fence, I knew this was gonna happen. I'm just Tooooooo fertile. Yep I said fertile. I'm pregnant, found out this morning. This makes 4 kids and 5 pregnancies. Geeze. I'm scared. I'm totally scared. We weren't trying so this is a big suprise. I haven't called Aaron...I want him to be excited and to get any less than that will be devastating. I feel like I can't even tell anyone. I told my new friend Amy, she's excited for me. That made me feel a little better. But everyone else, I feel like their silently judging me. Silently thinking, you should be grateful for the two you have... Gah...

ugh I'll be back.

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Kate said...

Hi sweets, I am excited for you too...and anyone who thinks that you should just be grateful for the two that you have should be ashamed of themselvs for crying out loud! Babies are a blessing and plus I like you! Ur a gud mommeh.