Friday, September 19, 2008

God, if your listening.

I'm crying out to you, please hear me.

I took the pregnancy test yesterday, positive. It took me awhile, Aaron was excited and helped me a lot. I'm excited, and I want this baby. Well today is the day, i'm waiting for the nurse to call back and confirm. I've started spotting...

So Lord if you hear me, please protect this baby. Please stop the bleeding. I can't do this, not again. not now...

So the nurse called and said that the test was negative, but since I got a positive at home shes not sure what to think. So...I'm confused and scared. Am I or aren't I. I'm 2 weeks later, my boobs are untouchable, My Jeans can barely be buttoned. How they hell am I not pregnant.

Please... If i'm not pregnant than fine, but please don't let me miscarry. It'll kill me.

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