Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's been awhile...

So September came and went, October days fell to the past quickly. Amaris turned one on Nov 1st. It was a wonderful day. Thanksgiving was spent with wonderful friends. We got our first snow in December, Christmas came and we had a blessed day with the same wonderful friends.
Now it's January 6th. I have got big plans for this year, bigger than ever.
On Thursday I have an appt to request a referral for bariatric surgery. I'm hoping to be approved for RNY surgery. I'm tired of being so unhealthy, I'm tired of feeling like my chest is going to explode when I carry Amaris up the stairs. I can't bend over and tie my shoes... WLS isn't a fix it all. That is definitly not the case, but it is a tool I can use to become a better more healthy person. A better example to my children which is very important to me.
Second thing on my list is college. I'm enrolling as soon as we get our tax return back. Wewhoo. Andrew will be in kindergarten come Fall, so working would be more feesable. I'm excited about my new adventure. I will keep you better updated than in the past. Haha although I'm not sure who "you" is:)

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