Saturday, January 10, 2009

Step one down

I got the referral! Wew *wipes brow* that was nerve racking. I was soooo nervous, I really was sure he wouldn't give it to me. So that step is down. Next I have to pull 2 years of records and send in my paper work. New me here I come!!!

Other than that we are going to prime the walls tonight. I have been removing wall paper for some time and now we are going to paint the areas I have done! Wow I may have this place looking great by summer!! I haven't been this excited for....well a long time!! Well thats all i've got, I should probably get going on getting this tree down. It isthe 9th and all. I guess I really like my christmas decor LOL.


Aims said...

Yay for new changes Tasia! I am so excited you, this is your YEAR for everything about you and around you to change!!!!!!

JUDY said...

Hi there, I am one of Amy's online friends from our WLS surgery support group. I was also Amy's surgery angel :) I just want to tell you to stay strong. Don't give up even when it seems it's not going well. I had my surgery 6 months ago and I will never regret it, it's not an easy life but it's such a better life. keep up the weight loss, you're doing great. Judy