Thursday, August 13, 2009

3 months 1 day.

It has been a long time, eh? Due to cruddy computers and family visiting and life overall i haven't been doing so great at tracking my progress. Let me see if I can do a rather speedy update.

On May 12,2009 I had RNY also known as Gastric Bypass. I spent 5 days in the hospital and went home in great spirits. I still will not eat jello, broth, or carnation instant breakfast! :)

Physically I was feeling fine until I started having some pain in my kidneys. Ended up in the ER was told it was a UTI. A week later I found that I actually had a kidney stone that was trying to pass. That was not a fun day. Blood work, IV, CAT scan, Straight Cath and a shot of potassiam later I was allowed to go home. I was told to strain my urine and take the stone to my DR. That evening I passed it. Little did I know I would soon pass 5 more.

Over the course of all of the pain, tingling in my hands, feet, and face I learned through my last ER visit, that Low potoassiam was the cause. The other doctors had mentioned it but said nothing more, i was even given liquid script and I didn't take it because it was so nasty. Turns out a defency of this sort can be fatal, they like your levels to be above 3.6 mine was 2.6. It took me hearing that I could die if my pottasiam was to get any lower before i finally started taking it. I found some no sugar added OJ and mixed it in there and found it tolerable.
Since then my levels have evened out and I have been problem free.

In total i have lost 75lbs and i am 2.5lbs from hitting 199lbs.

Honestly i haven't started extercising. I mean, I def have more energy and my house is a lot cleaner. I do laundry now because I don't get so winded climbing the stairs. I can actually go to Lane Bryant and not pray that the biggest size will fit. I've lost 3 cup sizes off my boobs and 4 inches off my girth. I'm wearing a 20-22 in pants vs. a 26.

I have vowed that this Saturday evening I will start at the gym. I wanted to get to 200 first and and then start building muscle. I'm excited, and while i'm getting a bit flabby and my "bat wings" are becoming a bit....flighty ;) I'm still okay with it though. Even with all my flab I will still look better than I did when I was heavier. I've gotta run but I'll be back to update, hopefully with pictures :) And it won't be in 3 more months either.

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