Monday, May 24, 2010

It's been months...literatly!

It has been one year and 12 days since my life changing surgery. I have gone from 279 to 129!!! I wore a size 26 and now a size 8 in jeans, The change is amazing.

I never realized how superficial people were. I never realized how people looked at me or how they treated me different. However...I am on the other side of things now. What I mean is this, if there was ever a skinny girl who spoke or looked near my husband I would boil...I'm now that skinny girl. I can't believe how many women are Soooooooo insane. I mean hello it's my job to ask how you are doing and tell you to have a great day, calm down it's not code for "i want your man".

I also find myself relating to overweight people who don't know me and don't know I've lost 150lbs and they will look at me like i am bonkers. There was a customer at work and we were talking about thighs rubbing together and not being able to find clothes, I think she seriously thought I was mental. Being big is still a part of my brain and it's almost a concious effort to remember that i'm not that person anymore.

A friend asked if I would do it again. Yes. It was rough at first, but honestly what isn't when a change is underway? I can't say I love my body more than I did but the confidence I have gained and the fact that I am so much healthier is what I do love. I actually wear clothes that fit! I don't wear large t-shirts (no really, they are way too big, LOL) to hide my body. Granted I have a roll, but it's much smaller than it used to be :) I have a lot of extra skin but it's okay, someday that will be gone too.

For now that is all. I must head to work.

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