Monday, May 11, 2009

Tomarrow is the Day

This has been in the making Since January. 5 months!! I had my first consult the 9th of feb and from there I've lost 8lbs. Doesn't sound like a lot but to me, it's the most I've ever lost. Seriously. I have never lost weight on my own. It took serious label reading and serious extercising.

The hardest part has been the liquid diet. By about 2pm, i'm ready to eat my arm. It has brought on headaches and lots of dizzy spells, but it slowly has begun to be easier...even if i did cheat a little. According to my scale i lost 5 more lbs this last week! Yah!!

So tomarrow is the day. I also will be having my tubes tied and I am happy about that. I don't see us having anymore kiddos. I love the three i've had and thats all i need.

Few people know about the surgery still. I told my Dad and he was supportive, he knows I've always struggled with my weight, I was relieved about that. I think after the surgery I will feel better about people knowing. Right now i'm already nervous and the last thing I want is people putting doubts in my head.

Today is a busy day, I have to get the house in order while i'm gone. Kate is a Godsend, she is stayign the night tonight and watching after the kids tomarrow. Thank God for her! Well I am done here for now. I need to get on the ball to ensure everything will go smoothly while i'm away! New Stomach here I come!!!

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