Saturday, February 21, 2009

What can happen in a month?

It's been a month since I posted, A lot has happened. I got approved by Tricare and had my Consult on the 9th of Feb and it went well. I was given a lot of info and for the first couple days I was very overwhelmed. I had to start eating 60 grams of Protien and not exceed 40 grams of fat. I've never really counted anything but carbs and have never known how much fat I should have a day. On top of that I had to start looking at protien shakes and watch my sugar intake.

On the 10th I met with the nutrionist. I had kept a food diary since the 11th of Jan so she had a good idea of my eating habits. The only complaints she had was the occasional Dr. Pepper and the Orange Juice. She offered more protien shake ideas and websites of where to get some good ones.

On the 18th I had my Pysch Evaul and that went well too. I actually found out interesting new things like inbetween 6 to 9 months out womens sex drive normally pick up and since they are more fertile due to the weight loss thats usually when women will accidentally get pregnant. Which is not something we want.

Right now i'm just sorta waiting. I have 3 weeks left of taking Vitiman D pills and then i'm waiting on them to schedule a date. While i've been waiting I've started my diet. Low Fat, Low Sugar and Low Carb. I cut out the Dr. Pepper, Mayo, and the worst one, Mcdonalds. Until here recently I did not know how bad I was sabatoging myself by eating it. It's quite insane really! For what I would normally eat was right around 1700 calories. From what I understand women should only have 1800 a day. Granted Usually I wouldn't eat all of it but what does that save me, 500 calories? Still insane.

So How much weight have I dropped? The scale at the consults office said 277.6 When I weighed my self while playing Wii Fit with Ammie on Thursday the 19th, I weighed 272.1 I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 268.0! I'm leary of scales, they like to lie so If I've really lost all of that, I'm estatic!

So thats all for now, this has turned out really long but it has been a month. I'll try to post more often!

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